Mini Me English

Develop the ability to speak another language with your child, deepning your relationship with them. Understand the challenges and necessities of your child's age group. Find better strategies to get a better, lighter study practice: one that you can bond with your child.

Our mission

Being around family has never been so present. Sharing daily moments, being there for all the meals, and being participative in school tasks has become the new reality for most families. But some challenges came along. Our mission is to understand every age group need, and offer the kids and parents the best strategies to deal with them. All through one thing in common: the English language.

Who are we?

Mônica Braga

Has been teaching English for over 30 years. She's also a psychotherapist and her specialization is in bioenergetics. She's responsible for the family support and assistance when it comes to learning processes and strategies.

Maria Garbelim

Is specialized in Phonics and has taken her TKT-Young Learners certificate in Canada. She's also experienced in teaching at schools in Brazil, Canada, and Ireland. She's energetic and likes making the learning process fun & memorable.

What do we offer?

Our services include:

  • Phonics lessons for children - help your child learn how to read and write in English as a native, with personalized material for each group age;

  • Family assistance & support - monthly meeting with a specialized psychotherapist to guide you through your child's learning processes and challenges.

What's a Phonics lesson like?

Phonics lessons are focused on finding out sounds, which lead to acquiring more vocabulary. In this video, for instance, the child is still getting used to the teacher's directions and approach. But, in the end, the child was able to identify the similar initial sounds. Better yet: around family! Mission accomplished!

Even though your child has great communication skills, Phonics lessons will guide them to differenciate similar sounds, initial sounds, ending sounds, syllables, and reading & writing in English. This video brings an example of a child with great communication skills, and they are differenciating initial sounds with previously acquired vocabulary. And also around family! Once again, mission accomplished!

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